Key Data

The main milestones in our development:

1980ATP is launched as a mechanical processing specialist, focusing on the construction of dies and the shearing of metal

1990ATP initiates a process of manufacturing diversification in conjunction with the creation of a new in-house technical department

1992ATP introduces light metalwork operations carried out by automated machinery

1995ATP obtains ISO 9000 certification

1998ATP starts to design its own products, including 19’’ racks and sub-racks

2001ATP obtains ISO 9001/2000 certification

2002ATP begins attending the most important trade fairs as an exhibitor in its own right

2004ATP obtains a NATO code and sets out on the path towards integration, with a view to developing integrated products and offering complete solutions

2006ATP presents its new product line for external installations on the railway network

2008ATP obtains certification for its welding processes in compliance with the UNI EN 15085-2 standard and participates for the first time at ELECTRONICA, the main European trade fair for the industry, which is held in Munich.

2009 ATP attains ISO 14001 environmental certification

2010 ATP attains IRIS certification for its rail solutions

1980 - Year of foundation

11000 - The square meterage of our facilities

30% -The percentage of our turnover deriving from abroad

8% -The percentage of our turnover that we invest in R&D