Key Success Factors

Our key success factors are as follows:

  1. Quality of our products
  2. Quality of our processes
  3. Quality of our people
    The true value-add that we offer lies in our human resources. Being a part of the ATP team is all about working with enthusiasm and optimism within a company that believes very strongly in the capacity of its workforce
  4. R&D
    From the outset, ATP has always invested heavily in R&D, in a two-fold endeavour to arrive at the very best designs using the most reliable materials and to enhance our products and our manufacturing processes.
  5. Customisation
    Certain models are designed and built on the basis of specifications supplied by the customer.
  6. Flexibility
    Rapid response times, from prototyping to manufacture.

Everyone at ATP knows that it is essential to think outside the box in order to stay on the cutting edge and compete successfully in the market.