Design, manufacture, integration

These are the three cornerstones on which ATP’s operations are based. Thanks to our constant investment in R&D, we have what it takes to support the client throughout the entire production process, from concept to integration.


Our ongoing investment in R&D has allowed our technical department to keep on expanding with a view to offering the customer the best possible support on the planning and implementation of the project. The design operations are entrusted to highly qualified and experienced designers, who leverage the power not only of CAD/CAM and PDM systems but also of COSMOS structural analysis software and software to analyse the heating/cooling performance of the design.
These software packages make it possible for us to customise our designs, thereby reducing the time and cost of production. Moreover, they also allow us to show the customer a 3D image of the finished product as far back as the design stage.


All ATP products are manufactured in plants that are equipped with high-technology systems and tooling machinery: numerically controlled multi-pallet workstations, automated punches for the processing of sheet steel and manual and robotic bending machines.


ATP is able to integrate the mechanical parts with the electrical and electronic components requested by the customer in order to create fully customised finished products.
This approach is geared towards achieving innovation and making the most of cutting-edge technologies.

The ATP production process is aimed at ensuring product excellence:

  • on its arrival at our facility, the raw material and all of the components are checked by the Incoming Inspection team using mechanical and IT tools to verify their integrity and highlight any defects;
  • once the incoming material has passed the inspection, it is sent to the various (fully autonomous) departments, where automated machines transform it into processed pieces and finished pieces, which are then sent outside the production facility to undergo surface treatments and coating;
  • on their return to ATP, all of the pieces are inspected again by the quality-control specialists before being assembled and wired up; standard in-house tests are then conducted, along with any additional testing requested by the customer.