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Designed for use in networking applications, this line has obtained a great success for it quality/price ratio. 

ATP can offer also customized solutions with different sizes, colours and configuration for each market's request.  

Alongside the design overhaul, the main enhancement made to the existing NR cabinets was to improve the structural assembly in order to endow it with better mechancial characteristics in terms of robustness, load capacity and rigidity. The frame can be assembled using just 8 screws (4 lower and 4 upper), while the panels are inserted into the structure with simple die-cut closures. In addition, the door - with its 120° aperture - is fitted with rapid-release hinges.

The ease of assembly has also boosted the positive reaction to the version of the NR cabinet that comes in kit form (identified by the code NR-201), which facilitates both shipment and accessibility in locations that are difficult to reach with pre-assembled structure. In light of these results, ATP has started work on the process of improving the packaging of the disassembled products to simplify yet further their transport and logistics.

The NR line is the answer to the continues investment in innovation with a view to offering its clients complete products that represent the cutting edge of technology.